Our Story

How did it all begin? It started with our arrival in North America, initially in Canada and then onwards to New England, where swissbäkers was established.

In ‘98 our kids stopped eating bread. Why – we asked? Being kids of bakers’, they simply missed the “crunch”! So we reintroduced them to the “crunch” by baking Swiss breads and rolls in Helene’s kitchen. Helene & Thomas continued this tradition in the downtown area of Boston and then expanded their capacities and capabilities with the move to Boston’s suburbs.

Grandchild Sustainable

Beyond serving fresh, all-natural fare, swissbäkers strives to ensure that its actions are “grandchild-sustainable”, meaning that all operations should have a positive or no impact on the environment for future generations. swissbäkers sources ingredients locally whenever possible and maintains a diligent recycling system.

To encourage guests to follow suit, swissbäkers offers a free item of the day with each purchase of $9 or more to anyone toting a red & white swissbäkers bag, as well as a 10 percent discount on one baked good to those who bring their own cup.

Green Business Award Recipient Swiss Bakers has received the 2012 Green Business Award! It was presented by the Town of Reading, The Reading Climate Advisory Committee, and RMLD in appreciation for reduction of greenhouse gas, water conservation, and other “grandchild-sustainable” activities. In addition, we source our ingredients locally whenever possible and maintain a diligent recycling system.

Helene Stohr
Helene StohrCo-Founder / President
Thomas Stohr
Thomas StohrCo-Founder / CEO
Tobias Stohr
Tobias StohrSales/Logistics